Extension 15

Myan, an innate healer, who apprenticed with the world famous Hanna Kroger (known as the Mother Theresa of North America, and founder of the first health food store in the 1960’s.)

Myan was able to heal Hanna in only one week after Hanna had been suffering from leukemia for nearly two years.

As Hanna’s protégé, Myan received an undeniable calling to serve God by helping others and fulfilling Jesus’s command to heal people.

After Hanna’s passing, Myan was then directly led to Barbara Norcross, an ordained minister, who selflessly embraced Myan and mentored her through the years.

As a former protégé of two very powerful Crones, Myan is now available to offer possible root causes of random or chronic health concerns to help you and your loved ones (both 2 and 4 legged).

Myan Spear Bio Pic