Lori Cale

Extension 13

I am a very spiritual lady that is very in tune with the Divine aspects of our seemingly mundane existence. I have always looked to ways to integrate more of the mystical into my life and those around me.

I began reading Tarot cards when I was gifted a pack when as a teenager. I became fascinated with them and how they can hold such insight into what is going on in our lives. My intuitive gifts soon blossomed into full blown ability. Soon after that, all of my friends were always asking me for readings. They were amazed at how the cards and my keen intuition could give them such insight.

Lori Cale Picture

I love helping others find insight with the cards. I have always found myself drawn to stones and crystals for both their beauty and the lovely healing energies they possess. I find myself enthralled by the natural world and the messages and insights it is trying to show us with its beauty. I enjoy talking to my angels and reading angel cards as well. These loving messengers are just waiting for us to invite them to help us with any issue we might possess.

I feel that I have been put on the planet to help others get in contact with their true spiritual nature.