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Endorsed by Palm Beach's Celebrity Spiritual Advisor, Barbara Norcross

Barbara Norcross is a Internationally known Spiritual Advisor to essentially everyone! Her results have been long recognized and rated as truly amazing.
She has been practicing her gift for over 40 years and has been included in The Book of Top 100 Psychics in America twice! Barbara has conducted countless lectures, seminars, and select readings which have included Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Largo Resort in Palm Beach for 7 years, and has made several appearances on national television and radio programs.

You may have seen her on such television shows as Montel Williams, CNN, 60 Minutes, Hard Copy and Dateline. Barbara has also had her own show on TCI Cable, Fox 29 Television and on WPBR Radio. She is currently hosting a weekly call-in show on iHeart radios' AM 1290 WJNO and it can be heard on Sundays at 12-1pm Eastern Standard time. You can call in to speak with Barbara at 561-844-9566.

Barbara provides readings for her celebrity and corporate based clientele, and has worked closely with Police Departments and the FBI nationwide, when called upon.

Barbara says, “It’s a Gift from God. As long as I use it to benefit others, I’ll have it.” She is known for telling her clients to always “keep the faith.” Barbara has hand-picked each Spiritual Advisor on this site to help people with insight and awareness in their life journey.

Ms. Norcross has lived in New York, Texas, England, Ireland, Wales and France. She currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida.

Palm Beach Celebrity Spiritual Advisor Barbara Norcross
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